ATVs built for rough treatment

Off-road riders are not known for caressing the accelerator pedal. Their adrenaline rushes can be extremely hard on any vehicle. To keep the ride safe, and to keep joints where they should be, manufacturers use Atlas Copco tools.

The North American brand Polaris is known for its tough all-terrain vehicles. To get closer to its European customers, they built another assembly plant last year. The plant is in Opole, Poland, and will produce ATV’s, Ranger and RZR Side by Side vehicles. For that, they need reliable tools. We’re happy that this legendary off-road manufacturer chose the Atlas Copco brand.

As soon as the collaboration started, it became obvious that Polaris doesn’t skimp on the adrenaline. They sent us the order on New Year’s Eve and wanted to start production in April. And before the nutrunners themselves, they bought quality control equipment.

Quality control is key
All joints on ATVs have to survive the roughest treatment. All the more reason for the Polish plant to invest in the digital torque wrenches STwrench. They provide control of residual torque during tightening. The STanalyzer makes sure that all tools are working properly. It monitors the equipment’s performance and precision. In the future, Polaris employees will also use it to monitor tool performance during service.

Experience in Mexico
The Opole plant chose Atlas Copco based on the experience of colleagues in Mexico. The Polaris production line there has worked with our products for several years and praise their reliability, ergonomics and durability.

“Considering that they’re opening a completely new operation in Poland, they had to provide not only technology, but basic training for employees. The very fact that we could train the assembly employees and help launch the production line was a big help in getting the Polaris order. We taught the operators to handle our tools properly. We showed them how to get the very best quality during assembly, and how to monitor individual processes,” adds Dariusz Ziolkowski of Atlas Copco.

Modern equipment attracts a lot of customers. However, not all of them know how to exploit its full potential. Because they worked with our experts, Polaris can be sure that all joints and the tools for tightening them will be 100 percent effective. And the European market can be glad that quality off-road experiences are within reach.


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