The world’s number-one companies rely on Atlas Copco tools

Assembly line

Changing from pneumatic to electrical tools can save up to 85 percent of energy. Not only that, but modern technology has brought maximum precision to tightening. Those are more reasons why companies invest in it when quality is crucial. And it doesn’t matter what market they’re in. Whoever wants to stay on top of his field sooner or later goes to Atlas Copco. 

Customers don’t just value our superior technology, but also our capable employees, who can help them make complex choices or even propose a complete custom solution. Last year, for example, the Hungarian company Festo came calling. This leading worldwide supplier of automation technology needed equipment for its new assembly line. But they had nothing specific in mind. “Festo was looking for a reliable, precise tool that would allow a choice between various tightening programs,” explains Jozsef Nagy of Atlas Copco. On its newly built line, Festo was going to produce digital air treatment units. Production capacity wasn’t that demanding, but requirements for joint quality were.

That’s why our professionals recommended the Tensor ES electric nutrunner with the PowerFocus 600 controller. One tool provides quality joints with various tightening torques. The efficient PowerFocus 600 also provides reliable operation, maximizes operation time, and speeds up all tightening operations. An Intelligent Application Module (IAM) will ensure the right parameters are set at Festo. All you need to do is set the required tightening torque and start working.

“We recommend the combination of Tensor ES nutrunners, PF600 controller and an Intelligent Application Module to customers who need to increase quality and productivity on their assembly lines,” explains Jozsef Nagy. Festo was happy with the new equipment. One system covers all tightening torque requirements. A custom-adapted bit selector ensures that the right tightening program is chosen for the assembly application at hand.

Another company that bought the equipment is TA Hydronics Slovenia, which produces thermostatic regulation devices. They had previously had major friction problems when producing valves. “It was caused by elastic elements installed in the thread, such as seals. They increase resistance during tightening, and tools with torque control may shut off too early,” explains Jure Lesjak of Atlas Copco.

Now TA Hydronics Slovenia is building a line for assembling a new product, and they decided to invest in equipment that could work on several products with different tightening requirements. Also important to them was minimal reaction force, low noise and waste elimination.

Their line is also equipped with the Tensor ES electric nutrunner with the PowerFocus 600 control unit. “With this equipment, we don´t need to worry about changes in tightening requirements. The Tensor ES adapts to the changes without any problem,” says Andrej Marlin, Product Manager of TA Hydronics Slovenia. Operating personnel also find it comfortable to work with the new tool. A bit selector ensures the right choice of tightening torque, and an SML reaction frame gives line workers physical relief.


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