Do away with floating screws

We at Atlas Copco are proud to introduce the world’s leading state-of-the-art low torque application technology. Seating Control Strategy is the solution for the most common tightening-related problems in low torque assembly.

These problems (floating screws, stripped threads, broken parts) cannot be handled with a conventional torque control strategy, whether simple clutch or transducerized tooling. The only possibility was to monitor, using the angle control techniques of electric tools. However, the process still had to be stopped for corrective action, resulting in lost productivity.

The Microtorque Seating Control Strategy offers a real solution for handling variations in screw, materials, dimensions, etc. It is a smart algorithm controlling the entire tightening process and compensating for variation in joint conditions. Detecting the screw seating ensures constant clamp load, making the manufacturing process seamless, and significantly increasing productivity.

Seating Control Strategy is available at all new Microtorque tool with MTF400 controller. MTF400 is the most compact controller on the market. It has easy setup, programs for 20 different setups, batch count functionality, full torque/speed/angle control, configurable I/O ports, data reporting throughout RS232 or USB. ToolsNet compatibility is also available by special MT adapter.

Our teams will perform joint analysis and recommend the optimal tightening strategy for your production. This will help minimize tightening-related problems.


Ask for more via acta.ee@cz.atlascopco.com.


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