Toolstation mobile device makes work and inspection easier

It advises operators, stores all data, and most of all, it tightens masterfully. Atlas Copco’s Toolstation mobile tightening device helps increase production efficiency and lower costs.

Toolstation is an assembly station that has not only tools, but also inspection mechanisms and special software to communicate with workers on the line.


Three in one
The mobile station is appropriate for all operations, regardless of tightening requirements. “It’s a very flexible system that we can set precisely to the customer’s operation. The range of adjustable parameters is very wide,” says Olaf Rolnik, Product Manager at Atlas Copco.

The station’s software allows it to guide the operator through the whole process step by step, instructing him and describing in detail what the worker should do in a given situation. And it’s not limited to tightening operations. It also guides various other activities, such as bonding, annealing, visual inspection and any other part of the process that does not directly involve tightening joints.

Besides tightening and communicating with the worker, Toolstation can also collect and archive any data. Any data on the worker’s individual activities are reliably recorded and can be used for further analysis.

Our latest experience
Most recently, we are adding Toolstation to a diesel engine producer, who produces diesel engines for distribution to well known car manufacturers all over the world.

The first engine prototypes were made manually. Technicians used analogue wrenches, and data were also stored manually. The operator needed all necessary documentation prepared and printed ahead of time. The whole process took a lot of time, and there was also the threat of stored data being lost. So the customer was looking for a solution that would speed up overall production, record the data on each process by itself, and save it to a database.

“In this case, the fact that the system guides the operators itself was just the icing on the cake. Most of all, it relieved technicians of the burden of preparing documentation for the personnel,” Rolnik explains. The mobile equipment can also be used to train new operators. Not only does it guide them through each step, but it also records their activity and offers the option to analyse their work afterwards.


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