New training program teaches how to improve quality and efficiency

The Atlas Copco Lean Academy has come to our region. After a successful launch in Stockholm in December 2012, training is now being held at the customer centre in Bratislava. A sophisticated educational system teaches Atlas Copco employees and sales partners how to use our products’ full potential.

“The new centre is bringing proven concepts in professional
training. The main goal is to show customers and other partners
the advantages of lean manufacturing,” explains General Director Cyril Eštok.

In class at the Atlas Copco Lean Academy, participants will first learn the philosophy of lean manufacturing. Then they will be able to see its effects in practice. “On our demonstration line, we simulate the assembly process during training, and attendees can see for themselves what lean manufacturing’s advantages are. It’s easy to see how efficient the operation is, and therefore how profitable,” Eštok adds.

Practical examples clearly show that an understanding of lean manufacturing principles is important not only for technicians and salespeople, but also for administrative staff. “Lean principles can not only be applied to manufacturing operations, of course, but to all of a company’s processes in general,” Eštok points out.

It’s another reason why all employees should take the training in the future. “Since the centre opened, there has been huge interest in the training. Currently, all dates are filled all the way to summer,” Eštok says, adding that in the early stages Atlas Copco salespeople have priority.


Are you interested in more information or even the training itself? Contact us on lean@cz.atlascopco.com






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