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In early May 2013, Atlas Copco acquired Saltus-Werk Max Forst GmbH of Solingen, Germany, to extend its line of quality assurance and assembly equipment. Besides torque wrenches, products made in Solingen include socket inserts for manual and machine-driven tools, torque testing instruments, high-performance plug-ins for manual tools and industrial robots, as well as custom solutions. This acquisition will make us a single-source supplier of torque wrenches.



Click-torque wrenches – DC series

Click-torque wrenches – DC series

Saltus DC series mechanical torque wrenches are available in sizes for repair and maintenance (DC-S) or without for use in production lines (DC). The DC series models’ repeating accuracy of ±4% after 50,000 tightenings in the operating direction makes them outstanding for use in mass production.


Breaking torque wrenches – DSG series

Breaking torque wrenches – DSG series

Saltus DSG series mechanical torque wrenches are mainly used in professional industrial environments. Made from lightweight aluminium, the products of the DSG series are very well suited to repair and maintenance. The DSG mechanism’s 22° breaking angle prevents overtightening. For use in batch production, optionally available insert tools make it easy to change from right-hand to left-hand tightening. Torque wrenches are available in versions with and without scale. Plug-in tools such as fork, ring, angle and ratchet bits are quickly inserted into the torque wrenches of the DSG series.


Camover torque wrenches TTI series

Camover torque wrenches – TTI series

Saltus TTI series mechanical torque wrenches are “automatically triggered” wrenches with curve release (camover). They are triggered automatically once the set torque value is reached. It is therefore not possible to exceed the pre-set values. After triggering, the wrenches are again ready to use for the next tightening.


Torque wrenches are available in Micro Axial versions for all three series: DC, DSG, and TTI. Micro Radial versions are available only for the DC and DSG series.

The integrated micro switch under the handle or mounted on the side of the pipe is triggered by a contact pin. The trigger impulse can be transferred to other devices to control the assembly line by cable.


For more details see the catalogue.


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