Atlas Copco helps new professionals launch their careers

They need each other: a large established company and young, enthusiastic students. The collaboration is a win-win for both. The company gets a fresh outlook, and it strengthens its reputation among future professionals. The students get a unique opportunity to learn the latest technologies and how the labour market works.

Being “First in Mind – First in Choice ®” has been our long-term vision. It has been to turn the Atlas Copco brand into the first thing people associate with reliable solutions for industry. And at the same time, we want it to be a reliable brand that the public will naturally prefer. And we’re succeeding. Thanks to constant innovation in the products and processes we offer, we can effectively help customers increase their competitiveness in East European markets. The market is developing very fast. And we can’t always meet customers’ expectations without quality employees. We pride ourselves on the fact that our people are unusually talented, capable and full of motivation and enthusiasm.

Naturally, we’re not the only ones on the market who need top talent. Interest in gifted people is constantly growing on the labour market. That’s all the more reason to devote ourselves to potential Atlas Copco employees.

Every year, we also take part in job fairs organized by the region’s technical universities. For us, personal contact with students is indispensable. It also strengthens awareness of the Atlas Copco brand, and we have a unique opportunity to learn a lot of interesting information. How do students see us? What do they like? What would they change? There is a lot of initiative, and it would be a shame not to work with it. New minds offer insight, self-confidence and especially opinions without limitations that long-term employees of any firm may have to encounter.

On the other hand, the meetings are beneficial to the students, too. They can talk about employment possibilities and internships at a successful multinational company. They discuss technology with professionals and get acquainted with the latest innovations.


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