Atlas Copco to award loyal employees every year

Last year we celebrated the company’s 140th anniversary together with our employees. And it isn’t only the Atlas Copco brand that deserves applause. It would never have reached its current position without excellent, loyal employees. We have therefore decided to award employees starting this year. Employees who have devoted more than 10 years of their professional life to the company.

We prepared the Loyalty Recognition Program last year. Now we’ve launched it and awarded the first 15 employees. “It’s our way of thanking colleagues for their long-term contribution to our company’s development,” Cyril Eštok, General Manager of Atlas Copco Tools Eastern Europe, says of the new tradition.

The very first ceremony of the Loyalty Recognition Program took place last February 21 in Bratislava. Each of those honoured was introduced in a short vignette. They then received a certificate and commemorative gift from General Manager Cyril Eštok and Radomir Marić, Vice President Holding Central & East Europe. “I’m honoured to attend the award ceremony. It was a wonderful moment. But it is an even greater honour to work with such an excellent team of people,” said Eštok. In fact, the employees receiving award have spent a collective total of almost 200 years at Atlas Copco! You don’t find this kind of devotion and enthusiasm at just any company.

At Atlas Copco, we’re proud of our multicultural character. Every employee is from a different place, looks different and speaks a different language. Nonetheless, together they form an unbelievably strong, proud company that stands out for is bond of friendship both at local sites and across the world. It’s another thing that gives Atlas Copco a reputation as a great employer. It even gains us points in how we’re perceived versus competing brands.

The Loyalty Recognition Program includes the “White Club”, whose members have worked at the company 10 years or more as of 21 February, the “Bronze Club”, for employees celebrating their 15th anniversary, and the “Silver Club” for those with a 20-year career at our group. They follow in the tradition of the Atlas Copco Gold Club, founded in 1968. It began in Sweden to keep long-term employees in contact with each other. Now the Gold Club has more than 4 000 members all over the world. “All these people are connected not only by friendship, but also by enthusiasm, brand loyalty, pride and personal growth,” says Radomir Marić.



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